There comes a point where all the words in the world sound the same. I guess that’s why we have looks.

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew exactly what to say? You had a feeling deep in your gut that if you said XYZ then the whole world would make sense or vice versa if your name is Doctor Killjoy the solar system has your blessings to implode.

But you didn’t say it… something about the spectacle of it all, something about not knowing, the chase — it felt safe in a way right? Don’t look at me like that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We all know this stage and lucky us it happens to be tonight’s topic of pillow talk. Drum roll please. Ba-da-da-daaaa….


Imagine having the superpower (cape optional, mask not) to say exactly what you are feeling and thinking and get straight to the point when speaking with someone. Now I’m talking about that immature impulse that just blurts random crap out. That’s childish.

I mean that moment when we’re with someone and everything clicks – yet we don’t say it. Ahhhh… see I knew you knew what I meant. Remember when you lie like this, you have to remember every detail next time said topic comes up. Just saying. Lying is tedious.

We have to drag things on and on and onnnnn… but por que? And I answer – We love the draaaaaaaaaaaama! This is how every story needs to be told if you want to keep a humanoids interest.

You need to tease the secret and get me there. I know what you want, I see the way you look at my sexy, but show me chivalry isn’t dead eh 😉 But don’t be a three legged scorpion about it and not call me for a week. What the hell’s that about? I said tease, not engage in psychological warfare. TEASE. Your story must always tease at every turn or it risks boredom which leads to DEATH.

I’ll break this down for you in what I call the Trifecta of Words. (Disclaimer: This applies to storytelling and human interactions. So use these secrets wisely and by wisely I mean go crazy with it.)

1. Misdirection

You have to setup the universe so I think you won’t even whisper a hello to me. And I mean really sell it. Even on my birthday make me think I’ll get the dreaded cold shoulder. Then at the very last second turn around and sing, “Happy Birthday Kirkie!”

2. The Munchausen Tease

Every time you give a tease don’t forget a new one should take its place sometime soon. It would appear the timeline for this in 3D is less then a week. In a story you have around 15 minutes. Unless your plan is for that tease to be the tease to end all teases. WOW. What a tease.

Another thing to remember, the same tease over and over again gets boring and NO NEW tease to follow up also equates to boredom!

Only two ways out: A) You have another tease up your skirt or B) The tease to end all tease aka the end of your story takes place.

3. Tick-Tock

Drama has a finite lifespan. If you can stomach it look at the Matrix Trilogy as evidence. You can’t have things drag on forever. And like a conversation you can’t wait for the stars to align to say what needs to be said. There is a ticking clock. Things must evolve and resolve one way or another.

The worst possible thing you can do is play it safe and not pick a side. Fortune rewards the brave grasshopper.


You are my Mary-Jane in this endless obsession of Prozac. You’re an empty Fenway stadium on the busiest day of the year. You’re a reason to travel to Paris and there’s NOTHING panty dropping about Paris. I mean come on, they speak French for pete-sake! Gawd, where is Doctor Killjoy when you need him?

In a recent post I talk about how fear should be a tool to motivate us, unfortunately it’s also a story killer and words official Kryptonite — All leading to the dreaded boring state of mind. Not too many souls stick around when a conversation is boring, let alone a story.

It’s taken me a surprisingly VERY LONG TIME to realize just how powerful words are.

Which begs the question, what do you think saying nothing means? Yeah, I just blew you’re bleeping mind huh? It’s what I do.

Rule #228 If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re paralyzed by words, let out a loud scream and suggestive nod.

Nuff said.