They're not all going to be gold.  So here's where I'll stage the ideas in limbo. 

Comedy/Half Hour

The Club is an updated version of “Caddyshack,” starring an ensemble cast of quirky characters, an inept unlikely hero, iconic community and all taking place in an “exclusive” golf club setting. The story begins when our hero, an ex-pro golfer named Lee Bernard, taking the first steps to becoming president to his father’s private golf club. In one of his first acts of power Lee opens the “Gates of Heaven” to the unready public. Priceless chaos unfolds in this half-hour comedy.

Hour Action Drama

Bounty Wars is about a Bounty Hunter collecting on Demons and Angels who finds his world flipped upside down as the forces of Heaven and Hell hunt him and the ones he loves.

Sci-Fi Hour Drama

A Time Jumper travels to the past in order to frame a a pre-Cult Leader for murder.  But instead of the Jumper finding a villainous monster,
he discovers a decent human being.  Thus making the Jumper the bad guy and the Pre-Cult Leader good.